Classes & Events

After School Art Classes

In our After School Art Classes, we take students in 1st-8th grade and give them an opportunity to create artwork that is totally theirs! With the help of and direction from their teacher, students will be given a project or prompt, and then be encouraged to develop their own ideas and use the materials they think are best for their artwork. These classes are made up of small groups so that the teacher is able to connect with and help each student individually. In these classes, students will use media such as graphite, paint, oil and chalk pastels, recycled materials, painted paper and more!

For more info on scheduling and prices, please contact us!

Art Camps

During the school year, your kiddos get lots of breaks! At KaleidoKids, we love to provide activities for young artists to have fun during those days off of school.
We do Spring Break and Summer Art Camps, as well as the occasional event or party on other holidays.


Keep an eye out for Summer 2020 activities!

Art Parties

KaleidoKids does birthday parties!
If you have a child that loves art, then they will LOVE a KaleidoKids Art Birthday Party! We provide an
 awesome environment for your child and their friends, as well as an art project for each guest and all of the materials they will need! All you need to bring is your kiddos, food/snacks, and some clothes you don't mind getting a little messy.

For more info and prices on Art Parties, please contact us!

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