Recycled Materials Cityscapes

This project has been such a hit! Today I'm going to show you guys the process these artists went through to achieve their awesome Recycled Cityscape Sculptures.

The bases for these sculptures were made out of recycled materials (cardboard tubes, old water bottles, styrofoam cups, etc.). Once we had all of our base materials taped together, we started covering our sculptures with the PLASTER CLOTH.

Okay, plaster cloth is messy. but let me tell you, we had SO much fun with this part of the process. It is very similar to paper maché but maybe even a little bit less messy! And all of the studetns loved getting to use a new material (and get messy!).

After the plaster cloth process and the wait for our sculpture to dry, we started PAINTING! I gave everyone the freedom to use any colors they want (so of course, ALL the colors!).

So, once our base paint was finished and dry, we could start EMBELLISHING! This part is by far my favorite because it where we get to make our projects stand out from the crowd.

We have quite the collection of beads, pipe cleaners, wood pieces, pom poms, etc. in the KaleidoKids classroom!

Aaaaand finished products!

Wow! I absolutely love how these cityscapes turned out and had a blast watching everyone come up with a unique name and style for their own city. Check out the signs they made!

This project was so great for my students to be able to build and create freely, while still learning a new material (plaster cloth) and practicing their embellishing skills! We also found that, when we line them all up, they create a super cool GIANT cityscape! That's how we have them displayed in the classroom for now. And, all of my other students are excited to get started on theirs. I can't wait!

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