DIY Glue Sponges

If you're an art teacher, I know that you've seen this trick (and I hope you're doing it, too!). But this trick is so easy that you can do it at home in just a few minutes for your little artists! If you avoid using glue in your house, because we all know how messy it can get, trust me - you will love this and most likely make a glue sponge today. Here's what you need: Sponge Plastic container with a lid White glue

Most of you probably have all of these things already, but if you don't, go to the dollar store (I LOVE the Dollar Tree)! I got all of this for less than $5!

All you need to do it cut your sponge to fit your container, and add glue! I added a small amount of water to wet my sponges before adding the glue. I also decided to get a little messy and squeeze my sponges after I added the glue to make sure they soaked up some glue, but if you wait just a little while you can avoid having sticky fingers! After taking this photo, I added quite a bit more glue to the sponges. I also plan to flip the sponges every so often, and its a good idea to spritz them with some water once or twice a week.

We've used these glue sponges a couple of times so far and I can definitely say they've been a favorite! They work great for our little artists who aren't sure about how to use the squeeze glue bottles yet, or who may tend to overuse glue. They've also been a hit with my older students, and I have to admit - I've been using them, too! If you try this at home or in your classroom, I would love to see photos and hear how it went!

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