Art Student Spotlight - Bridget

I'm super happy to start something new to share with you guys - Art Student Spotlight! I have been looking for a way to share more with you about my students and their awesome artwork, and I think you'll love these interviews. My first interview was with Bridget - Age: 9 years old

What is the best artwork you have created in art class? "The blind contour drawing I did of you!"

What is your favorite art medium? "Sculpture, mostly sewing..."

What is your favorite part of art class? "You." (She's so sweet!) What is your favorite thing to do, besides art? "Play with my dog!" What's your favorite color? "Turquoise"

Do you have a favorite animal? "A dog, you knew that!" What inspires you? "Other artwork and you!" (See, pretty sweet!)

What's your favorite thing to draw? "You...and dogs!" So, now we know how much Bridget loves dogs! But not only does she love dogs and is she super sweet, but she is one of the most creative artists I know! I always have such a fun time with Bridget in class, and the artwork she produces is always so much more than I expected. 

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