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This week, I've been working hard on a little corner of my room and I'm so happy that it's finally coming together! I have had so many ideas for this little space and found some time to get a few of them finished.

This space used to have two comfy chairs (that are super old and cute) that I loved, but I realized that they were mostly just taking up space in my classroom that I could be using for more art-making! I have also recently added our "point store" to this area, and the chairs made it a little difficult for the kids to get to all of the items. I knew I needed to move the chairs, but I didn't want a big empty space!

So, I had an idea...

I have always loved to weave. I have lots of students who also love to weave, and others that are always curious about it. So, I decided to make a BIG loom that we could keep on the wall! That way, we could have a sort of ongoing, collaborative classroom project that everyone can learn from and work on! 

Here it is in action:

I used an old window screen that I already had hanging on my wall (for decoration). All I had to do was add nails along the top and bottom, about one inch apart, then add string. Bam! An awesome, big LOOM! Just what I've always wanted. 

I also took into consideration the fact that I have a few really little artists that sometimes have trouble sitting in a folding chair or stool at regular table height. I decided to make a small space for them on the floor, using a coffee table and some cushions! 

I got the coffee table from a friend, and I found some chair cushions at Dollar General (perfect size and exactly what I was looking for, and for a great price!).

I didn't love the colors, so I decided to run by Hobby Lobby and grab some cute, neutral fabric to cover them.

Here are some photos of that process:

I used a little less than one yard of material for each cushion.

I did a SUPER simple stitch along the edge to secure the fabric. (I was so tempted to just break out my hot glue gun.....but I figured this may hold up a little better in the long run. Haha!)

I folded the other side to the top, making sure that it was wrapped pretty tightly and that I folded the edge under before sewing it so that it would have more of a clean edge.

Then, I folded the open sides in, just like a Christmas present!

I brought that piece up, put some stitches in it, and...

That's it!

I made 4 cushions to be used over in our new little corner.

I have a lot more to do and a long way to go, but I couldn't wait to share!

So far, everyone loves it! Almost all of my students that have seen the new loom have added at least one line to it. At this rate, I'm thinking we may have a finished product by next week!

And, the little table has already been used. Everyone seems so excited at the thought of working on the floor! This works great for me since I typically only have 1-3 students at a time, so everyone gets their own little space to work in without distractions. 

Check with us on Facebook for more updates about our weaving! Maybe this time next week I will be posting about a finished product! 

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