Summer Art Camp Project 1 - Printmaking

PHEW! Summer. I think we all look forward to Summer. Kiddos get out of school, some of us get to have some (much needed) time off, we get to relax... But let me tell you, we have been BUSY at KaleidoKids - and we are LOVING IT! We had an amazing time at our quarterly Downtown Art Walk a few weeks ago, and then we jumped right into Summer Art Camp! What a fun month it has been so far. Summer Art Camp started off with a bang last week, and I want to share with you some of the awesome projects we got create! Today, I'll tell you about one of our favorites so far- Printmaking!

Printmaking was such a hit last week, everyone made at least three different designs to experiment with. There are many different ways to achieve this look with printmaking, but we decided to use styrofoam plates! We cut out the bottom of the plate so we had a nice flat surface to work with. Then, using a pencil, we added designs that became INDENTED into the styrofoam. (This step can be tricky for younger kiddos, because we want to be sure not to press so hard that we rip the styrofoam, but hard enough to create an indentation.) Next, using a small foam paint roller, roll a thin layer of acrylic (or tempera) paint onto your styrofoam. Flip your print over onto a sheet of paper and then press down evenly. Lift the styrofoam, and there you have your beautiful print! - If you or your kiddos try this at home, be sure to share it with us! We would love to see your creations! Check back with us to see many more Art Camp projects that we have been working hard to create.

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