Summer Art Camp Project 3 - Warm & Cool Colors

At KaleidoKids, we LOVE learning about colors! This project is perfect for learning about warm and cool colors, as well as practicing good craftsmanship. (My students just LOVE hearing about craftsmanship and how to improve it!.....Not.) The first step for this lesson is to divide your paper into two sections. We decided to create a box in the middle of our paper so that we'd have a nice, balanced composition. Next, you want to create lots of CIRCLES! To create our circles, we used styrofoam cups dipped in black paint and stamped them onto our paper. You want definitely want a good amount of circles, but not TOO many (there's a fine line!). Just fill in any spots on your page that may look too blank. And don't be afraid of OVERLAPPING. Overlapping circles will actually make your piece much more interesting!

While we waited on our paint to dry, we talked about warm and cool colors. We decided whether we wanted WARM or COOL colors in the center of our artwork, and the we got to work coloring! Some used crayons while others decided to use colored pencils. Then, you use the OPPOSITE colors in the outside section. And you're done!

I'm super proud of the way these turned out! Everyone took their time filling in their circles, and they all loved the outcome. If you try this project at home or in your classroom, just remember to encourage your students to SLOW DOWN and color their shapes in as much as they can. And if you say "craftsmanship" enough times, they'll probably get tired of hearing it!

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