Summer Art Camp Project 5 - Pattern "Mosaic"

So if you're an art teacher, and you know along the way in an art project that your students will end up having to cut up their beautiful artwork into lots of small pieces... you may want to tell them ahead of time. Or don't. Either way, I can guarantee some very sad and confused faces when they find out! We started this super cool project by creating some crazy lines on our paper, then filling them ALL with color using oil pastels.

I had already created a grid on the back of their pages, so there was definitely some suspicion that there would be more to this project than just coloring in their patterns...

When the times came to cut their artwork into squares, there was a little complaining...but then we got to put it back together like a puzzle, woohoo! The only catch, you cant make your pieces match up.

And then some happy faces!

#colors #pattern #pastels #drawing #collage

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