Summer Art Camp Project 8 - Rainbow Cityscapes

Mixing colors is a GREAT experience for students to get to take part in! So often I'm tempted to pre-mix everything (which I admit that I did a little bit for this project), but when I see these kiddos getting to experiment and mix their own colors it is so exciting! We created our city drawings using lots of shape stencils!

Then, we started painting! I let them paint at their own pace and choose their own colors, but I did encourage them to use one color per building while switching up the tints in each section.

We decided while in the drawing stage to split our sky sections up with vertical lines, and I'm so glad we did! This gave everyone an opportunity to use all of the different tints of blue that we mixed.

We outlined our buildings with sharpies to finish them off!

#design #draw #drawing #paint #painting #tints #colors #colormixing #cityscape #city #stencil

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