Modern Self-Portraits - Blind Contour Drawing & Book Sneak Peek!

I talk a lot about self-portraits. I think it's really important for kiddos to feel confident in their artwork, and drawing themselves is always such a fun way to practice that! I have found that when a student (or anyone!) draws themselves, they tend to pay a bit more attention to details and trying to make it look "just right". And that's exactly what I love to teach - observation! It's so important to be able to SEE THINGS the right way. That's really the key to getting good at drawing.

For that reason, blind contour drawing is one of our favorite techniques. It forces the artist to look ONLY at what they're drawing and not worry about what the outcome may look like. I'll admit that it's my favorite way to draw because there's no pressure! And, if you practice enough, you'll actually get good and be able to impress your students - ha!

So, what better way to draw yourself for the first time than using blind contour drawing? Check out this project from our new book, The Beginner Art Book for Kids, for great way to introduce blind contour drawing, self portraits, and even collage!

The Advanced Art sections in this book are always fun little ways to push your project a little further, and this one happens to be my absolute favorite! Adding a small stack of cardboard behind a cut-out element to make it POP off of your background is such a great way to draw attention to your piece.

See more projects like this one and grab your own copy of The Beginner Art Book for Kids for yourself here!

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