New book alert! & 3d paper scenes in a box

If you follow us in Instagram or Facebook, then you already know. But if not - SURPRISE!

We wrote a book - The Beginner Art Book for Kids!

My husband, Daniel, and I have spent the last few months diving deep into brainstorming, testing, writing and photographing some really fun art projects for kids and are so excited that our book is finally here and ready for PRE-ORDER here!

It is packed full of over 40 of our favorite art projects that have been done in our studio, along with a lot of great artistic language that we like to use & teach.

One of my favorite projects from the book is called 3D Paper Scenes. Who doesn't love a good box project?! Honestly, I save so many boxes that I have a full corner of the studio dedicated to cardboard.

This project is a really fun way to mix your 2D drawing skills with your 3D building skills. First, sketch out an idea that could be made into a 3-dimensional scene (which is almost anything!). Draw, color, and cut out each item from your scene from a separate piece of paper - we like using watercolor or mixed media paper so that it's nice and thick. Paint and decorate your box to match your scene, and then insert all of your paper pieces!

Now let's go back a couple of steps - this is one of my favorite techniques used in the whole book, and it's super simple: In order to make something "pop out" from the background, create a stack of small pieces of cardboard glue together, attach them to the back of your piece and then glue it in place! Attach them down low in order to help your piece stand.

We have done this project in so many different ways, and we love it every time! Something about creating it inside the box makes it extra special and interesting.

There are so many other great projects in this book, so if you have an artistic kiddo (or need some inspiration for yourself), be sure to pre-order your copy now!

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